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C² manages all your renting needs. Pay your bills, find local deals, connect with other tenants, and request repairs, all from one platform

You already understand property management; let the C² platform introduce you to prosperity management. With C², you’ll enjoy higher returns and lower costs, maximizing your overall revenue.


C² takes the stress out of renting by providing you with everything you need in one place. Pay rent, contact management, schedule repairs, and make requests, all from one digital platform you can access anywhere.


With the C² maintenance vendors app, you can see every new job in your area and choose the ones that fit your schedule. It's a great way to keep your business busy or to fill in the open gaps throughout your week.

Shop Owner

Boosting local Mom & Pop Offers with in-store discounts and specials to residents, C² bridges the gap between your business and your neighbourhood, all from one easy to use cloud-based platform.

Who are we
Whether you’re a renter, owner, or property manager, the C² platform provides tools and connections to make your life easier.

C² is for you!

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Tenants and Landlords across the country are taking advantage of the growing C² Community. Expand your management portfolio by becoming C² Certified today.

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